White Nights Pocket Rocket

White Nights Pocket Rocket

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Mini massager pocket rockets, such as the White Nights Pocket Rocket, have become famous for their beginner-friendly design. No matter how many toys you've used, the pocket rocket can be picked up and help you on your way to orgasmic pleasure within seconds.

Equipped with a powerful single speed, the White Nights Pocket Rocket makes it simple to satisfy all of your naughty cravings. Fully waterproof, this small, portable toy can go with you inside and outside of the bedroom.

You'll find that a Pocket Rocket vibrator is one of the easiest toys you'll ever use. Once you have your pleasant level of arousal, the base of the vibrator easily twists off to insert the single battery required for use. Once the base is twisted back on, just twist slightly further to power on the vibrator. When you want to be done, a slight twist of the wrist will turn the vibrator back off.

The White Nights Pocket Rocket is 4.2" long with a diameter of 0.9". It's made from a soft, silky-smooth phthalate-free plastic that's known as "Velvet Touch" because of its smooth texture. After every use, this pocket rocket should be cleaned with warm water and anti-bacterial soap. As the vibrator is fully waterproof, cleaning this toy just requires making sure to get all of the areas. To power your new sex toy, you'll need a single AA battery (not included).

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